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September 26, 2011
Romios Intersects 22.1 Metres Assaying 1.25% Copper and 22.43 g/t Silver in New Discovery Underlying the North Zone, Trek Property, B.C.

TORONTO, ONTARIO (September 26, 2011) - Romios Gold Resources Inc. (TSX-V: RG) ("Romios" or the "Company") is pleased to announce assay results from the initial portion of the 2011 drill program on the Trek Property in northwestern British Columbia. The property is located 12.0 km southeast of the Galore Creek copper-gold-silver porphyry deposit and adjacent to the Galore Creek Mining Corporation's proposed mill and tailings facilities.

A new mineralized area has been discovered below the North Zone within pyrite-chalcopyrite-tetrahedrite cemented breccias. Results from drill hole TRK11-32, the first of the three drill holes (TRK11-24, TRK11-32 and TRK11-33) that have encountered the breccias to date, intersected a 22.1 metre (72.5 feet) zone that assayed 1.25% Cu, 22.43 g/t Ag and 0.05 g/t Au. Within this intersection, a 6.25 metre (20.51 feet) section assayed 2.01% Cu, 39.46 g/t Ag and 0.06 g/t Au. Chalcopyrite is pervasive throughout the hole and a number of zones of sulphide mineralization were encountered at shallower depths (see Table 1 herein), which supports management's belief that the Trek Property hosts a large, well mineralized porphyry system. Assay results are pending from drill holes TRK11-24 and TRK11-33 which, when combined with hole TRK11-32, have outlined a strike length of the new breccia of 255 metres (836 feet)to date. 

Currently, holes TRK11-34 and TRK11-35 are being drilled to enlarge the new copper-silver-gold breccia zone which appears to coincide with several large magnetotelluric anomalies identified in the 2010 Titan24 geophysical survey (see Press Release dated November 4, 2010). Based on the high incidence of sulphide minerals in the drill core, Romios' management is optimistic about the forthcoming assays of the additional intersections of the mineralized breccias in holes TRK11-24 and TRK11-33 that will be announced after they have been received and reviewed by the Company's technical staff.

Fourteen holes totalling 7,342 metres (24,088 feet) in length have been drilled on the Trek property to date. As previously reported, two of these (holes TRK11-25 and TRK11-26) were not completed due to difficult drilling conditions. Subsequently, holes TRK11-29 and TRK11-30 were also abandoned because of intensely fractured ground, a normal condition in the area, before reaching their targets. Hole TRK11-27intersected a 125.02 metre (410.17 feet) zone which averaged 0.14% Cu, 0.23 g/t gold and 1.75 g/t Ag.Only partial assays have been received to date for TRK11-31

The two drill holes currently in progress (TRK11-34 and TRK11-35) are part of the 12 holes drilled in the vicinity of the North Zone. Two additional holes (holes TZ11-01 and TZ11-02) were drilled at the Tangle Zone and intersected numerous zones of copper-silver-gold mineralization (see Table 1) but are inconsistent with the calibre of the mineralization encountered in the earlier surface sampling. Further drilling is being considered at the Tangle Zone. 

Sulphide mineralization has been intersected in all of the drill holes to date, the most significant of which occurs within and below the North Zone. Tom Drivas, President of Romios, stated: "We are very pleased with the results of the 2011 drill program that we have received to date and look forward to additional assays which we anticipate receiving shortly." 

Hole descriptions for the completed drill holes for the 2011 season on the Trek Property can be found in a recent Press Release issued on August 16, 2011. Assay results to date have been received for 3,500 metres (11,483 feet) of drill core. Weighted assay composites from the initial results are shown below in Table 1. 

Table 1. Weighted assay summaries for the results received to date. [Complete= Assays received for entire hole; Partial= Assays incomplete; Lost = Hole was lost prior to reaching target depth. Cu- Copper, Au- Gold, Ag- Silver, Cd- Cadmium, Co- Cobalt, Mn- Manganese, Mo- Molybdenum, Pb- Lead, Zn- Zinc].
Hole IDZoneFrom
TRK11-24Zone 129.4834.354.8715.980.110.140.36 
 Zone 257.1059.102.006.560.140.100.20 
 Zone 3107.20108.601.404.590.200.111.20 
TRK11-25Zone 127.0052.1025.1082.350.020.140.21 
(complete, lost)Including43.2546.763.5111.520.020.370.17 
TRK11-26Zone 111.0614.463.4011. 
(complete, lost)Zone 226.8127.370.561.840.180.201.00 
TRK11-27Zone 117.8020.752.959.680.280.011.32 
(complete)Zone 226.2058.8532.65107. 
 Zone 391.60216.62125.02410. 
 Zone 3a126.07127.000.933.051.980.1612.600.065 % Co
 Zone 3b141.00216.6275.62248. 
 Including148.10148.300.200.665.092.1164.400.56% Zn, 65 ppm Cd
 and Including169.90170.200.300.981.952.1430.40 
 and Including184.91185.250.341.121.781.2828.10 
 Zone 3c258.24260.412.177.120.400.184.01 
 Zone 4290.46291.110.652.130.550.268.70 
 Zone 5379.66427.3047.64156.300.150.111.22 
 and Including400.80427.3026.5086.940.100.141.02 
TRK11-28Zone 160.3568.508.1526.780.150.100.48 
 Zone 291.65104.8013.1543. 
 Zone 3113.80128.9515.1549.780.120.112.37 
 Zone 4139.42141.552. Zn
 Zone 5185.00192.607.6024.970.310.281.77 
 Zone 6200.20214.1513.9545.830.150.090.36 
 Zone 7231.12260.4329.3196.300.080.080.47 
 Zone 8321.80322.410.612.010.040.0116.80 
 Zone 9426.79430.023.2310.610.060.068.640.11% Zn
 Zone 10445.07447.142.076.810.010.0221.100.11% Zn
 Zone 11558.76562.653.8912.780.020.014.920.17% Zn
 Zone 12589.68601.8412.1639.950.070.013.35 
 Zone 13662.56724.5161.95203.540.020.023.58 
 Including666.19667.341.153.790.060.0633.100.11% Zn
 and Including710.16711.401. Zn
TRK11-29no samples        
TRK11-30no samples        
TRK11-31Zone 1349.74358.558.8128.900. Zn, 0.10% Pb
(partial)Including352.65356.453.8012.470. Zn, 0.18% Pb
 Zone 2376.80391.6514.8548.720.120.091.62 
 Zone 3482.08482.800.722.360.270.162.50 
TRK11-32Zone 139.0052.8513.8545.440.150.120.42 
 Zone 288.6588.900.250.820.070.0244.80 
 Zone 3166.70177.1010.4034. 
 Zone 4233.78238.064.2814. 
 Zone 5305.78310.744.9616. 
 Zone 6359.45384.0024.5580.540.290.143.87 
 Zone 8395.58396.851.274.170.780.448.10 
 Zone 9423.26424.060.802.620.510.393.80 
 Zone 10494.83495.130.300.980.600.425.10 
 Zone 11615.90616.300.401.310.570.226.50 
 Breccia Zone (Main)727.16749.3022.1472.641.250.0522.430.12% Zn, 0.29% Mn
 Including733.22734.411.193.902.470.0778.400.92% Zn, 0.61% Mn
 Within733.22739.476.2520.512.010.0639.460.24% Zn, 0.21% Mn
 And Including748.35748.730.381.254.610.1065.200.11% Mn
 Zone 13750.08750.500.421.380.420.019.400.16% Zn, 0.84% Mn
 Breccia (Secondary)790.83810.1619.3363.420.130.070.71 
TZ11-01Zone 138.8044.065.2617. 
 Zone 272.4273.320.902.950.070.0249.40 
 Zone 376.2283.907.6825. 
 Zone 4112.99117.324.3314.200.600.278.13 
 Zone 5139.20153.3414.1446.380.130.090.40 
 Zone 6261.34265.293.9512.960.070.060.27 
 Zone 7267.24275.087.8425.720.150.031.13 
 Zone 8338.40339.451.053.440.010.150.40 
 Zone 9411.75412.370.622. 
 Zone 10443.48460.1716.6954.740.090.071.89 
 and Including451.19452.631.444.720.020.221.40 
 Zone 13469.40469.920.521.710.030.122.800.15% Zn
 Zone 14486.76491.935.1716.960.250.199.45 
 Including486.76488.962.207.220.530.3319.30322 ppm Mo
 Zone 15508.38509.240.862.820.100.208.500.12% Zn
TZ11-02Zone 118.9324.505.5718. 
 Zone 240.1842.352. 
 Zone 362.4168.776.3620.870.120.091.66 
 Zone 477.4177.730.321.050.090.811.70 
 Zone 5214.46216.802.347.680.020.090.64 
 Zone 6216.80219.352.558.370.050.031.99 
 Zone 7228.83231.502.678.760.120.082.560.28% Zn
 Including230.75231.500.752.460.040.102.700.82% Zn
 Zone 8241.70250.028.3227.300.130.130.85 
 Zone 9367.30369.452. 

As a matter of procedure, all intervals of drill core were split in the field using an electric-powered core saw, bagged and sealed for delivery to ALS Chemex Laboratories in Terrace for analysis. In addition to the laboratory's quality control program, a rigorous on-site quality assurance and quality control program was implemented which involves the insertion of blanks, standards and duplicates to ensure reliable assay results.

The technical information contained in this press release has been prepared by Mr. Thomas Skimming, P.Eng., Vice-President, Exploration and a Director of Romios Gold Resources Inc. and a Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101.

A map showing the location of the historic drilling, the drill holes completed and in progress during the 2011 exploration program, a full listing of all individual assays received, and additional information can be found on our website at

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